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Originally Posted by P.Services View Post
This is a great question that would provide one of the best reads on lawnsite if only the "big dogs" replied to it. No use in a solo guy that doubles as a handy man trying to give you advice. You need the guys that use to be in your shoes but conquered the problem. One other thought I'm having is maybe you could benefit from bringing in a industry consultant to really sit down and come up with a solution. Yeah it will cost a few grand but it may just take that.
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Unless the "solo guy that double's as a handyman" also ran a similar operation and decided it best to be a "solo guy".

Beside's what work's for one person may not work for someone else...differant personalities manage employee's differantly....some folk's just work harder and get alot out of employee's....some do not.

The guy that meet's a crew at their first job with some coffee and donut's once in a while and take's that time to shoot the BS with them..... will get alot more out of his help than the guy who nit-pick's them apart.
It's all about maximum production for the hour's put in.
Efficient routing for fuel saving's, marketing target neighborhood's for travel time and fuel saving's, ect.......

Different stroke's for different folk's.

Medium sized business is the hardest to make a profit at....... in the end it's all about what will make your life more pleseant.
After all life is short, so a person might as well enjoy it.....
I personally would rather kneel in the dirt planting Hosta's than look at cost sheet' long as it ain't too stinking HOT......

I wish the OP good luck at finding the solution that is right for him and his buisness.

Now let the big dog's bark....

Self employed for over 35 years..
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