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Originally Posted by turner_landscaping View Post
I don't do weekly calls I do do monthly contracts though. Everything is based on a hourly charge w a first hour fuel charge. Installs I base pricing on the job and rarely break it down. My hourly charge is 55 per hour and I add a fuel charge anywhere between 35 and 50 dollars depending on location on the first hour of work plus materials. Monthly contracts are dependent on what the job in tells I have some that are 200 dollars a month and some that are 100..
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This just continues to illustrate what I said previously about demographics. I'm sure that these rates are standard for this part of the mid-west, but they would never fly in this part of the country.
I also do not do weekly calls. Mine are all monthly at the moment, but I do offer quarterly as an option. My most expensive contract is $100/month, the rest are $75/mth. (BIG difference from Turner). These service contracts cover all the maintenance items or procedures that may occur during a year's time including annual clean-outs (if necessary) and FULL water quality tests on a quarterly basis. Parts and supplies are billed extra. I do not impose a gas surcharge, but will probably adjust my base rates this Fall.
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