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Guitarman i feel your pain. Your numbers of 400,000 a year seem to be really on track for a 5 man crew. You must have a high overhead and expenses etc.
But anyway i wanted to type a thread about this also. Buisness picked up really fast for me as well, i love this buisness so much and wanted to expand early on. I went from solo and 1part time guy making around 100,000 a year to 3 full time guys making 200,000 a year which sucks especially when you have 4 trucks etc. and mower payments. I would be working my butt off making decent money doing landscaping when i had 3 guys mowing making $500-600 a day mowing, in turn the maint grew was losing me money.. I was totally upset at the end of the last two years when winter hit and i didnt have any money in the bank account and owed a few thousand dollars to mulch accounts. This year i swear to stay solo with 2 part time employees. I'm making great money now. The bank account is stacked with extra money. My vendors are allways caught up too.. That's my story being big isn't for everyone. I'm staying where im at now ,but anyone that is larger than the mid zone and can make good money hats off to you. Bigger guys how did u deal getting out of the mid zone?
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