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Originally Posted by guitarman2420 View Post
I've been in business @ 4 years. I've grown from first year sales of $40k to 400k; yet I'm working harder and making less money than when I had only myself and one helper. Have many of you hit the same "bump in the road"? The economies of scale have not "kicked in" yet. The more business I get, the more insurance I pay, the more taxes, the more headaches from employees, etc.

Yup, yup, I kept saying it, I've been saying it for a number of years now...
I'll keep a real long story short, what you speak of is just how it is.

There are so many customers, and there are so many companies.
The numbers do fluctuate some but they are real and they are pretty much what they are (read: good as fixed).
So the only way to get more than your fair share of work is to lower your prices.
And the only way to rake in the profits is to compromise your work load (by raising your prices).
Either way you can't ever quite win lol

So there you have it, some folks here think I'm disgruntled
In reality they're likely the ones who haven't seen the light!

Look man, it's actually funny once you get over that hump, way I do things is I got my prices a little on the high side so I don't work as much,
why I've been saying, why bust a sweat over it, you know it's all the same money at the end of the week anyhow

It's all the same, now I got time to do the maintenance, sit around play on the PC, dig?

Well, I tried to keep it short.

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