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Originally Posted by delphied View Post
Bingo, we have a winner. This guy is a textbook case and the reason mowing isnt worth doing anymore. At least half the guys in lawn care do it for too cheap and cant figure out why they dont make money or even dont realize they arent making near enough. Anyone that charges 50 per hour knowing a crews labor costs alone are 60 per hour must have taken a sharp blow to the head somewhere along the line.
Exactly, you have to think ahead. What I mean is you have to get out of that solo mentality even while your solo. I don't win many bids because I price my work to make a profit and that way eventually I can pay a helper and then eventually get out of doing the physical work and run the business.

Guys want to grow too fast and will trip over their Dick to get accounts. Same with commercial. What good is having work and chasing your tale if your only making peanuts and wearing everything out including yourself.

Slow healthy profitable growth is the way to go. That way you can afford to hire when it is the right time and still be profitable.

I can work my @$$ off and go broke or I can sit on the couch in the A/C and go broke. Id rather sit in the A/C.

But hey that's me.

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