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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
Oh and regardless of what you buy, make sure its a full size. And contrary to AI and LT, I hate Polaris...I have never seen one that would hold are expensive too. All of them I ever rode were junk.

I currently own a Suzuki and a Honda, but had a Yamaha Quad several years ago.

Suzuki makes some of the power plants for Arctic Cats
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I have to echo cga's comments and dislike of Polaris. (BTW, I have an '05 Sportsman HO I'd be willing to sell you).

The ride and power is awesome, however, I have spent more repairing this POS then I did purchasing it. From front end problems to the chain in the tranny breaking and wiping out the tranny and both driveshafts to the belt blowing to the ECU frying, you name it, it has broke.

I have Polaris sleds and I love them, no real problems like their ATV's. Local dealer told a friend they picked up the line to keep the service dept busy, which I can believe.

Asked the sales rep when I bought my Outlander if I had a lemon or if Polaris ATV's were crap. He used to sell them and said 10 years ago when he did, they were problematic. Went to a different dealership and went from pissed off customers after owning one for 2-3 weeks, to never hearing complaints.

I'd buy a Polaris sled, but will never, ever buy another Polaris ATV. Despite the ride and power.
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