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New to the busn, few mower questions

I am new to the business. I purchased an older Gravely Pro-150 36" belt drive for a very good price (Kawi 12.5hp FB460a motor). Got it home, changed the oil, fuel filter, fuel, and greased it up. I have a few problems:

1- It is pulling to the left. (tire pressure is =) belts on the left are sagging more than the right so I am hoping thats the easy fix..

2- It is a pistol grip control. How far are the levers typically spaced from the handle? (I have big hands and seem to reach an uncomfortable distance to squeeze the brake/clutch)

3- If I have a clean carb and filter, new plug, good spark, and compression at the plug opening, could it occasionally not starting simply be bad gas, or am I overlooking something. (gas is from early this year...)

I know these are simple questions for you pro's that read this, so I appreciate your advice in advance. I just need to know if its cheaper or easier to just take it to the service center for repair (because I don't even know how much that typically costs...) THANKS AGAIN!!

(P.S. I am aware that you get what you pay for... but I'm hoping to use this as a starter mower...)
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