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I think the whole licensing issue may be mute in this economy, because the reg office today told me that they have 14 inspectors for the whole state. That means about one for every three counties. I asked her what if anything would happen to someone who did not have a license and she said, oh they would get a warning if they got caught but she said, you know how hard it is to actually catch someone using the chemicals. I asked her if this does not grant most the right to do as they want with no real oversight. I asked her if she is aware that it is a violation to advertise to offer regulated services and she said yes that is true. I said well I bet you get a lot of fines from craigslist operators and she insinuated that they aren't "looking" for violators, but if they slip up and find one they will take some action. I told her that if enforcement is no more than as she described it, the risk is very small. She did not disagree. I asked her if I could have a list of people and companies that have been cited in the last few years and she said that there is no record of such open to the general public so joe homeowner can even find out that his company has been warned or cited before. She said that to get that information I would need to file a formal Freedom of Information Request. It is also rather difficult to navigate the regulation site to determine who is licensed; seems like they don't want it to be easy to find out. On a last note and just as a rant, people say "can you tell me the rules here in my state where you do not live?" Have you thought that maybe instead of asking someone else to get it for you, you might just do a Google search or even take the extreme act of calling your regulatory body and asking a question.
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