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Good Luck to you as well. I keep my stuff small as I have family and a full time job. However, as most guys on here that are successful would attest, take the time to do the extra stuff to make a property look nice, not just a mow and blow. That's how a client base is built. Slow down, look around and make sure everything looks clean and in order, mowing, pruning, plowing whatever. I charge accordingly for this extra attention to detail, but have never received a complaint about completed work. IE - I have pruned for a client for a couple years and started full service this year, mulching pruning, and all the rest other than fert. (not licensed). The neighbor kitty corner has commented over the last couple years that I do good work and has taken my number a few times but never called. Finally, the other day I seal the deal with mowing and mulch job. I had asked a few questions about the proprty and what her wishes were and her response was I want it to look like that, pointing to my full service acct. across the street. I said no problem and was on my way with a new account. Point is you never know who's looking and sho may be a potential client.
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