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Originally Posted by sandman512 View Post
Will PM you.
Your soil is listed as cut and fill with the restricting layer being lithic bedrock at 40-80 inches. Given it is cut and fill, there is almost no data on the soil. I pulled a report with some (not all) the information that is available. It has a map of your area and soils found in that area, along with the descriptions of the soil types, chemical, physical, irrigation data. With exception to the description, most all of the other data is not available for your soil. If you want me to post it here I can.

Now that we know this .... no need to find the native soil .... there essentially isn't any. Unless there is another restricting layer (artificially created), a perched water table is probably not the problem either. Beyond taking the steps already suggested to fill in the lawn (aerate, seed, compost top dress), maybe it is time you posted your irrigation schedule.
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