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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Don't go switching nozzles without knowing the impact of doing it. You don't use the same nozzle in all your rotors unless they are all the same arc. Also need the complete irrigation schedule, not just the runtime ... which btw is mighty low given rotors. Also describe what the zones cover and environmental conditions for each. For example, do the zones water both lawn and landscape? Do the zones have overlapping coverage? Does a single zone span both shade and sun regions?

Ill try and answer your questions as best as possible. The original schedule was set for the rear lawn was 15 minutes every day. There is one bed of flowers/bushed that gets watered in that zone. Picture two zones in the yard(rear lawn). One for the North side, one for the south side. The zones do overlap, slightly based on the arc. All zones were installed with #7 nozzles. All heads are Hunter rotaries. While out there today, the zone was hitting that wet area(target area) and it was still swampy....
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