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here was a job I did after lunch wednesday. The lady said she called everyone in the landscaping section in our local paper, and everyone she called said they did have the equipment to cut this grass. They all said you need to brush hog or it needs to be done with a string trimmer. well being the smarter guy, I didn't hesistate to do the estimate, after I finished a lawn that was 3 miles away. I gave her a price of 175 which seems on the cheap side, but I told her I would normally do this for 225, and she said go ahead and do it. so I cut it at 5" which is as high as I can go with 48" tiger cub with the little 19hp kawi. after going over 3 times all different patterns it came out excellent. so I lowered the deck to 4.25" and cut it two more times just to make sure no grass was laying over and there were no clumps left. then after I was all done the lady said she never thought this part of her yard could ever look so nice, and gave me an extra 25 dollars. and the whole thing start to finish with trimming took 1hr.
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