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Originally Posted by lovemysan View Post
I got stopped in overland park , ks last night. My truck is a 3/4 ton dodge and I pull a 12' single axle. He said that I needed DOT numbers. He performed a full inspection of my rig. It passed. I have several questions. Occasionally
I tow a 7k trailer also.
1) Where do I go for my DOT numbers? Highway patrol? I live in MO and work in KS
2) How much insurance do I need and what type? Currently I have personal insurance that covers up to 100k.
3) Do I need a CDL? I've never grossed over 13k
4) Does the trailer need its own number? I subcontract and the trailer I use is provided I don't own it.

You can get your DOT from the link above.

You dont need insurance for DOT but you do need business insurance if you are running a business. I have 2,000,000.00 in coverage and its around $650.00 a year.

No you dont need a CDL.

The trailer does not need its own # but if you get pulled over they are going to examine the trailer and if its not up to DOT code YOU will get the tickets, not the person it belongs to.

I live in Shawnee. I've been dealing with this crap for years. Piece of advice. Get in compliance. Stay in compliance. Its much easier.

Dont forget you also need to get a medical card. When you contact the DOT they will send you a packet on everything.
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