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Do you agree with the eXmark Rep on Mowing technique???

I ran into the eXmark rep this week at the dealer. Rep tells me the technique we use mowing is wrong and that "everyone he knows" mows his way. In all my 12 years of mowing I have never seen someone mow "his way".

So......, lets take a poll and find out.

Scenario: Square lawn, wide open, flat & no obstructions. Make 2 perimeter passes then mow left to right alternating passes.

Poll Question: After your perimeter are done, when ur coming to the end of each pass, which way do you turn to set yourself up for the next pass back?

1) Do you turn into the uncut grass then backup to line yourself up for the next pass back

2) Do you turn into the cut grass, which would have been a previous pass. Then back up and to line yourself up the next pass back

3) I just randomly mow until it's all cut
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