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Originally Posted by saw n mow View Post
In a day or so I'll post about the latest yard I have mowed with my MZ...another yard that really should have been bushhogged in some areas . I will say that this MZ continues to amaze me.

What I put my little MZ through recently. I got the job of mowing the approx. 2.5 acres of grass/weeds at our/my volunteer fire department. For preparing for a fund raiser, it had been bushhogged once by another member and than finish mowed later by another member with a 60”(?) commercial diesel JD ZTR mower. It needed mowing again so I asked the president of our/my VFD if I could tackle the job with my MZ. Some of the areas had tall grass, but not very thick. Some areas had tall and the thickest mess of grass/weeds that I’ve mowed so far. 2 hrs and 20 mins is what it took with my deck on the highest and second highest settings to get the yard manageable. I had to wait almost a week to do the ‘finish’ mow (rain one evening and lack of time). The ‘finish’ mow took 2 hrs. and 25 mins. The second mow should have been faster, but the grass had grown some in the days between the mows and the first mow was done mainly on the taller thicker grass (there was small areas that I had left till the finish mow). So far this is the toughest mowing I’ve put on this mower and it handled it very well. The 26hp Briggs Professional did very well in the tall thick grass/weeds. Only once did it really bog down low and I was wondering if I should have even been trying to mow that section…but I slowed down to a crawl and it pulled through.

I’m not posting this for bragging purposes…just showing what this little well built residential mower can do if needed…for anyone who might be thinking about getting this mower. I wouldn’t do this type of ‘heavy’ mowing on a regular day-to-day basis. I’m sure that now that the yard is down at a manageable level, it will be no problem for me to maintain it the rest of the mowing season. I’ll have about 4.5 acres total (between 5 yards including my own) to mow for the rest of the season.

Here are some pics of before and after. The pics really don’t do it justice…especially the ‘before’ ones.

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