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Originally Posted by Mtnmn View Post
Hi all. New to the site and have been lurking for few months.
Went to look at a Hustler sport W/Honda gsx530, but dealer said almost impossible to find. Stated somewhere around $3600.00 if he found one.
Drove by a dealer that sold Scags and stopped to see what they had.
He had a 2009 new Freedom Z 36" for $3800.00 + tax.
I have 1/2 acre lot.
Would the Scag be an upgrade from the Hustler 42 Sport and a deal for that price? Thanks for your opinions.
Yes it is an upgrade and for a 1/2 lot, that machine is perfect!! As Popeye said, if this is indeed a new machine, I would be waiting at the door with him!
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