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Originally Posted by hunter48820 View Post
I'm sorry, I should have stated that I will be buying a new Kubota, not used. I do see that used tractors appear to hold their value very well.

I also noticed that on the Kubota website where they list the base price of the machine, the following info is stated.

"Taxes, shipping & handling, surcharges, assembly charges, destination, freight and/or delivery charges are not included."

Does that mean that I have to pay the dealer to assemble the machine? Any idea how much more $$s is added for all the above on say, a $35K. By the time I add a 6% sales tax, it looks like the tractor is going to be quite a bit more than the original $35K price.

Thanks, Andy
Ohh the number games. If it's already assembled they shouldent charge you to assemble it. Most of them come pre-assembled anyway.
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