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Creative ways to mark equipment?

I'm a bit frustrated, in that we loose a couple pieces each season. Typically, it's from a grab and go while someone is in a back yard. One was from my not relocking a cable lock in a lowes parking lot. All can be avoided if everything is locked up, I get that.

But I find myself wanting to inspect every trimmer I see someone else using a trimmer that walked away, or a similar blower that could be mine. One, I'd love to get it back, but really, I just hate to think someone could get away with it, and it's likely someone that is in my neighborhood, or that I will have passed by again. Someone could be using my blower, right in front of me, and I have no cause to approach them, b/c likely it's not mine.

I've got an engraver, but that wont do anything unless I'm up on the equipment. I'm thinking something that could be see from across a street. I've thought about spray painting all my recoils a certain color, or handles, or straps. Something that might not be noticed by someone stealing it, but will be descriptive enough that myself or the police will have cause to check a serial number.

Anyone so such a thing to their equipment? Discuss.
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