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Originally Posted by Maco Services View Post
I've thought about spray painting all my recoils a certain color, or handles, or straps. Something that might not be noticed by someone stealing it, but will be descriptive enough that myself or the police will have cause to check a serial number.
Originally Posted by Swampy View Post
If your thinking of painting, do it on a part that isn't easily swapped out. Such as a Blower housing or shield on a trimmer. The bad thing is going to resale, some on may not want a green stihl.
I think the OP is looking to do something hidden in plain sight. If it's subtle enough, even if it's easily visible from far away, it probably wouldn't affect resale value, since nobody would notice it unless they were looking for it, and if a thief overlooks it, it probably wouldn't be removed.

For instance, painting your pull handles Stihl orange, when they're normally black. It'll just blend in. Or maybe painting a trimmer shaft in a white that matches the clutch housing, on the part between the trigger and the clutch (unless you have an FS350 that looks like that already).

Now if you don't care about resale value as much (although I'm not sure how much some paint will retract from the saleability of a commercially used tool), you could dip your pull handles in say purple for instance (that would sure stand out), or spray your motor housings in fluorescent green (that sounds pretty cool actually, but if you do choose to do that, I seriously suggest painting in white first . . .).

On the bright side, the more you detract from the resale value, the harder you make it to fence, which makes it less desirable to a thief. I once had a nice Bianchi bike with quality Campagnolo components that looked so bad I only had to chain it up to keep it from ending up in a dumpster. It sure rode nice, but I will admit that I didn't get much for it when I sold it.
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