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I Agree with GoldPro. Some of my lawns that are over fertilized or watered especially in the spring need double cut and I do it just to make it look nice. I try to portray a certain company image and if thats what it takes to make a yard look nice I will. And that second pic that you showed of his looks like that most likely from the camera/sun. If you notice the trees in the background look white-ish as well and I don't think he was trying to stripe those. I have taken pics that look like this but actually look like the first pic in real life (but my stripes are not nearly as nice as the Goldpro's). A picture can say a thousand words but those words could be deceiving.
You are correct the stripes that are usually really bright are a combination of the camera and the direction the sun is shining. once the sun moves they usually are not as bright.

Everyone knows the reason lawns stripe is because the sun reflects off of the grass which is bent over and produces the actual stripe. The brighter the sun, and the more direct angle the sun is shining on the passes you just made. the brighter the stripe.
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