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organic lawn questions

Have a 16,000sf lawn in New England (cool season grass). Lawn is fairly flat and no area gets more than 5 hrs of sun per day. In fact most of the lawn gets less than 5 hrs per day. I am on a well so I do not water my lawn. I cut my lawn at 3 1/5 in. high every 3 to 4 days.
Switched to organic a couple years ago and the lawn has never looked better (low weeds and very few bear spots). Also, the soil is soft when walking on it and after a heavy rain there are lots of worms on the sidewalk. This year I applied three applications of ringer and Aerify Plus from Natures Lawn and Garden (April, May and June).
Questions –
1, I think I should start adding diversity to my soil in the form of SBM, alfalpha and compost tea. Does this make sense?
2, Some parts of the lawn have to be cut to 3”. Any taller and it does not stand starts to fall over. I’m assuming this weakness is due to the lack of full sun. Does this make sense? Or is this a sign of something else? Is there a trick for shade areas (3+ hrs of sun) like increasing N?
3, My lawn is a nice color green but is not a dark rich green. Any advice on greening up the lawn?
Due to the hot summer weather I do not plan on adding anything to the lawn in July.
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