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New to forum

I used to do lawn care as a part time job. It turned into a very serious full time gig, so already having a full time job gave up the mowing.

Now I am retired and mowing about 4 acres that is pretty rough. I am considering going to a ZTR mower with a 60 inch deck. Currently have a 52" deck on a Toro 620-Z that has 500 hours on it. Abslolutely nothing wrong with the Toro except it is really rough riding and is only 52" wide.

The ground is mostly reclaimed ground and is pretty rough. Two questions, can someone give me a decent idea of the value of the Toro and then what would be a recomendation for a zero turn mower of about 60" that would be less rough to ride on this ground. There are some trees and ditches but no steep ground

Have looked at Scag, Badboy, Gravely, Hustler, Ferris, and even Dixie Chopper a little, have not demoed any of them on actual mowing conditions.
What is the best bang for the buck and the smoothest rider for the money?
Thanks for any feedback and help.
Mr. Murl
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