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Organic Fertilizer 101

Hey guys. It's official. I think I'm a fertilizing delinquent. I never had the "advantage" of running a chemical lawn care company before I started my organic one so I did not recieve great fertilizing basics. To be honest, my ENTIRE focus has been on OM and Microbes. So I topdress exisiting lawns and replant new lawns using soil rich in organic matter. I also lime, and use Mycorrhizae and even brew my own EM mix full of organic nutrients such as kelp, fish, molasses, humic acids, ocean water, etc. My new lawns look good but are not a deep lush color and my exisiting lawns are still weedy (Fiesta seems to work everytime I use it but has little to no staying power as the next week the weeds return) plus the lawns are also lacking the rich colour we all desire - yes, the rich colour the chemical boys seem to achieve. On one level, it's confusing as I know I'm "doing all the right things" but I'm starting to think I've severely undervalued fertilizing. All I've used thus far is a bit of Alphalfa meal which I heard works well but is very low on NPK.

So, what would you recommend I use? How often would you I suggest I fertilize?

My plan is to make a fertilizer mix out of meals from the local AG place.

The same thing happened last year at this time -my lawns start to get weedy and lose their colour. Just like last year I start to feel like a loser and wonder if I really do know what I'm doing. Still, I can't help but think lack of fertilizing may be the culprit as I've followed everything else I'm supposed to do. Perhaps lawn care is more of an art than a science?


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