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Originally Posted by Kingfish View Post
What are they doing to please you so?
My main concern where I live now is in cutting Bahia grass. If you've never seen Bahia it is different from any other grass. It grows like it has spring growth for months during the heat of the summer, with or without rain. It is thick. It is extremely tough. It also produces a seed that a foot tall in 7 days. The volume of clippings is the worst part. It was the volume of clippings that was driving me crazy. It was nearly impossible to make them completely disappear regardless of the number of times you went over them. The clippings dry out very, very fast once you cut the grass. It makes the clippings difficult to fall down to the turf especially the longer seed stems.

The G6 blade just pulverizes Bahia. I still have to go over the bad spots a couple of times but I'm spending way less time on it now. I see all varieties of mowers here and it seems like everybody has just given up on trying to get rid of the clippings. You go by lawns that are Bahia and they're just hayfields. I don't have that problem any longer. Bahia is so bad, Exmark designed a blade just to cut it. It doesn't appear to make any difference on the Exmarks because they're leaving hayfields behind too.

The G6 blade also handles crabgrass pretty well too, even damp crabgrass. We have a lot of Burmuda too and it does well on that also.

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