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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Ratchet straps are good. Steel cables also make pretty good straps. Use cable clamps. Use turnbuckles if you want them extra tight.

Poly Tanks you don't want the tie down straps too tight. They expand when full and tie downs that are too tight put undo stress on them. This causing them to crack as they get older and are more brittle from UV sunlight.

$ 50.00 for a 12V 2000 GPH or $ 34.00 12V Bilge pump is rated at 1500 GPH or 25 GPM and available at any Marine supply or even Wally World. I use a ball valve on the end as a shut off while the Pump remains running. There is no danger of pressure build up because the pump is centrifugal. BTW Because they are marine grade, They are Chemical resistant

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