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Second BR600 stolen in 3 months

I'm done buying these, I've had stuff walk off before, but these get pounced on.

Both were not locked down at the time, one was a Lowe's grab and go, the other, a guy drove up to the house down a 100 ft driveway, grabbed it while my guy was in the backyard mowing, and drove away. My guy returned to see the car at the end of the driveway slowly driving off. He was confused at the time, making sure he had it, the mowers were off that truck, so not much he could do.

All of our stuff is now on racks or with a cable lock through it, but I keep kicking myself for a way to identify my gear from 50-75 ft away.

From tracking standpoint, and officer recommended engraving in an inconspicuous place, but I want to be able to see someone using a BR600 and see it's not mine. I've seen some people spraypaint their equipment, but I think that looks a bit trashy. I've thought about pinning tags to the equipment, painting certain parts that are expensive to replace, or even melting a logo/signature/ or specific marking into the equipment housing.

Anyone have a suggestion or am I being obsessive. I really would love to look over and identify my blower, and get to watch the police show up and hand my equipment back. Anyone have a subtle way to achieve this and not look like crap? It has to be expensive to remove and identifyable from 50 ft or so. Thoughts?
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