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Hey, really important..too many times have I seen these guys taping down the emergercy stop levers on the handles of the mowers so they can so-called move about freely or one handed on these walk behinds.....I had an incident 3 years ago when a worker riding a Velke on a Scag fell off after hitting an oak tree root and the mower took off and went headlong into the homeowners euonymous ground cover.....we ended up having to replace a 15'x5' stretch, out of our pockets! This really sucked but think if this had been the homeowners child or pet or vehicle (this guy had a Mercedes s-class)...replacing ground cover is nothing in comparison.........I've also seen a laborer lose contol with the left side clutch handle of the machine locked and it sent the machine into a spin that damn near cut his foot off.........think may seem easier and more free to use taped up...but suffering the consequences could be costly or deadly. Insurance is great but it's not worth it and I scream at my guys when I catch them pulling that s**t! Laborers don't think like foreman or owners do and it's your insurance that will go up if there is an accident not theirs....Take the time to be careful.
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