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Originally Posted by rlee View Post
Hi guys, I am gearing up to sell Christmas trees for the first time. I live within 20 minutes of probably just as many tree farms. I have talked to a couple farms and think I know who I'm going with. I have talked to the owner of a vacant lot in a good (read: busy) area of the burbs.

I have several questions but I'll just throw a few out there for now.

Can I rent a tree wrapper? not sure, but I doubt it
How do you avoid theft when closed? you dont, you will lose a couple
Is 250 trees too much for the first timer? better to sell out than have a bunch left over, probably a good place to start, but it really depends on how many other stands there are and how populated your area is
Should I have a helper? probably not needed with 250 trees
Would it be a good idea to have Santa there for kids?never seen one at a tree stand, seems like a waste, the kids are there to pick the tree out, not the parents.
How can I take credit cards? you dont cash and carry only, no checks or credit cards
Is it worth it? all depends on what you are looking to get out of it

If the vets could give me a little advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
I have not owned the lot, but in the past I worked at one. Someone else that has more experience will chime in I am sure. See above for answers. Good luck.
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