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Thanks for the reply turf. Since posting that, I've answered a few questions on my own. I will have my son working and my father in law will be there if I have to go plow. I found a tree baler for 180 bucks. I found 2 farms near me that dont have a minimum order, so 200-250 trees isn't a problem. I was actually told by the farmers that its a good starting number.

I'm sure I'll still have a bunch of questions though. I like the idea of selling trees (more income in the slow months, and I just like Christmas), but I'm nervous about losing my butt on it due to the initial investment. I have gotten an average price of 23-28 dollars for 7-9' trees. Is this about the normal price for the north east?

Also, I know that there is a list of tools or other equipment that is commonly overlooked, that you want to have with you on a lot. If you can let me know about those things so Im not running to Home depot or walmart every 20 minutes, I would appreciate it.
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