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Originally Posted by IS500Z View Post
The only differences between the IS500Z and the IS1500Z are deck and engine choices. Do you really need an engine rated for 2000 hours to mow a couple of acres and put on perhaps 100 hours per year? Routine maintenance on any engine can go a long way to preserving its life. I have a collection of old 2T Lawnboys that have been cutting grass for 30 years or more. I am sure none of them would be considered 'commercial' grade what ever that actually means. If commercial grade means used by commercial cutters a Walmart special thrown into the back of a rusting Ford pickup is commercial grade.
I sold my Lawn tractor and Hustler Minifastrak year ago and both had residential engines. The tractor had a Kohler 20hp single cylinder courage and the Hustler had a Kohler 17hp single cylinder courage. As I said I used these machine for a few years and sold them both years ago and they are both still running fine! I know what I have learned over the years and If I did not find my Superduty for the price I did, I was most likely going to get a new MZ or Sport and most likely would have gotten the Briggs engine, unless I got a deal with the Kawi. For 30-50 hours a season, just no point spending the money for an acre!
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