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Originally Posted by Popeye77 View Post
What gauge is your deck? Just curious haven't been back to the dealer to check. Need to go this week for carb parts but haven't made it yet.
Deck thickness is one of the most inflated parameters of a mower's specifications in my opinion. Many are quoted at their thickest point which may be much thicker than the overall average for the deck, or is a composite effective thickness estimated from the reinforcements on the deck.

That said the deck on my Ferris measures around 10 gauge (if I did the conversion correctly) on average with some reinforced areas measuring closer to 8.5 gauge. I am sure my old Lawnboys have decks much thinner than that and have never had problems. The Hustler Fastrack is around 11 gauge and I do not remember anyone having problems with them just a lot of happy owners. Hope that helps.
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