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Am I gonna be happy with these nozzles?

I bought a Fimco ATV-25-71 to maintain an abandoned industrial site for one of my customers. There's approx. 2ac. of grassy areas that we all figured would be best maintained by just keeping the grass there burned out.

The lowest I could get my boom is 21". Since the 1st app. was applied, I've gone back and done some spot-spraying. I noticed some streaking. Not terrible. But, admittedly it looks a little amateur-ish (to ME, they're happy).

Best I can tell, the stock tips on my unit are 80deg. nozzles. The ones I ordered, today, are 110deg. (see link - Gemplers).

I'll only use this for gly-type apps.. But, I do want it to perform correctly.

Right move?
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