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Originally Posted by Stihlman11 View Post
Nice work and equipment. If you dont mind me asking, what do those bobcat tractors cost? Also, im not new here, just got a new lawnsite name
Thanks I will pm you
Originally Posted by Pro-Lawn&Grounds View Post
He I'm in the market for a dump trailer man and like I see your work and your progression business wise and I need to ask you is the 5x8 single axle really enough? I feel like it'd be soooooooo simple to over load that thing
Oh yes it does get overloaded but its a great trailer. The reason I orginally went with that size was because I only had a half ton and even then loaded it was rough. I would probably get a 6x12/14 no but that would even be heavy for my 3/4ton truck. I plan on getting a dump truck and keeping the little dump trailer also. Alot of my mulch jobs were 5yards so it was a good size, there have been times I could have used bigger but for the most part it has been awesome
Originally Posted by thelawnman View Post
Brad looks great with that rock it looks a lot cleaner.
Thanks yes much cleaner!
Originally Posted by WPS85 View Post
A mini excavator would be fine! You could use your Bobcat to move dirt if needed. When you get equipment like that, expect to get more jobs in excavation!

You can make some good money with a bush-hog too!

Nice work!

It looks much better now with the rock! I never did like that type of plants.
Yeah I know I could get more work but I am not ready to go there just yet, I got one more year of college I don't want to grow to fast with the company. Yeah I did a little advertising for brush hogging and haven't got anything I am hoping I can get into that a little though.

Yeah the plants had to go, I don't hate those though I like them better than regular ornamental grasses though. I think those plants look good in river rock beds

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