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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
I'm looking for a utility quad and I plan to keep it in the 400cc to 500cc class. I want 4WD and an independant rear suspension.

My main uses will be for recreation, hunting, and trail riding and I also plan to use it in the winter to plow snow in my driveway.

Right now the ones I'm considering are:
Yamaha 450 Grizzly($6899 msrp)
Polaris Sportsman 500HO ($5999 msrp)
Suzuki Kingquad 450 AXI ($6999 msrp)
Honda Rancher AT 420 ($?)

All of these seem to fit my requirements. I have an Arctic Cat dealer near me but I've heard some pretty bad things about them. I also have a Kawasaki dealer but they seem to have no quads with my size requirements. I also have several Honda dealers but I can't reall seem to find what I'm looking for in my price range. I absolutely will not pay over $7k. Thats one of the reasons the Polaris peaks my curiousity. I'm be able to get the plow and wench and still be under the cost of the others.

In my heart I prefer the Yamaha. I spent a weekend offroading on my buddy's 660 Grizz and I loved that thing. But this will be my first ATV and I want to make a wise decision.

I stopped by my Polaris dealer yesterday and test drove the 500HO. It had a good feel to it maybe slightly soft. (Maybe not a bad thing as I get a bit older). Also has a true automatic diff locker. The Grizzly has a manual locker while the Honda does not offer a diff lock. Dealer offered me a 2010 for $600 off MSRP ($5399) and the Snowplay/wench/install for cost $849. Total out the including taxes out the door was $6680.

Anyone have comments or recommendations?
What are you all riding?
Yeah I love mine too. I took the queen seat off and use the racks for sand and salt bags to add weight. The thing pushed through a 5ft drift 2 years ago going downhill. I only ate a little snow.

I'd look for a used one if I was you. Call all the dealers in the state, check local papers, Craigslist and other for sale sites. If you find a clean low hours 660 you'll get it for way less then you'd pay for a new 450. Chances are, it will already have a winch and some accessories. That's my vote.

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