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Mr. Royce,
Thank you contacting Toro and purchasing a Toro G3 mower.

I have attached the procedure to change the motion control adjustment to make them more or less responsive to the operator style of driving. This should help minimize the jerky controls.

The G3 may have a firmer ride because of the integrated transaxles and lower profile. It is best to make sure the drive tires are not overinflated and tire pressure maintained a 13psi.

Make sure the mower is being operated at a speed suitable for the conditions. At higher speeds, the intensity of the bumps can increase with speed on rough terrain and a slower speed may help smooth out the rough ride. Once the suspension seat is installed this will also smooth out some of those bumps.

On a side-note, we do show the Deluxe Suspension Seat in stock.

Dan R.
The Toro Company
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