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That, like yourself, is what I ended up kicking myself for the most when my br-420 got stolen many years ago.
That you can see it from a distance, such as when driving past a crew that's working someplace en route to your own job(s).
How many people I saw using a blower that looked just like mine, but what could I do?

So I'd have to agree that a highly visible identifier would work best so you can see at a glance whether it's yours but I
dare say you still need not just the equipment's serial number but also I would recommend painting it a certain way...
The serial number would make sure, as ultimate proof that it's yours, thieves could have crafty excuses but also what
if another guy had the same idea, so you need to record your equipment's serial numbers someplace safe.

As for painting maybe you only cover the air filter cover or do just the fuel tank, it can be most anything but make it
so it's unique because what happens when this catches on is everybody has green stihls lol

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