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I see this stuff like yogurt is to the human body. The Liquid Soil Doctor I use has over 40 good types of bacteria that are beneficial to our lawns. Just like there are many beneficial bacteria types that are good for our digestive systems.

Laying down food FOR the bacteria like syrup I personally don't think will help. Actually laying down the bacteria, like yogurt does for our digestive systems, is much more beneficial for our lawns.

They alsso decided to add fertilizer and other stuff to it but basically, the Lazyman Soil Doctor and the other products like it are the yogurt for our lawns.

It''s not gonna be like hitting your lawn with a liquid shot of Nitrogen and watching it get noticeably greener in two days. If you are looking for a short term gain with any of these products, it won't happen. Only the old, mechanical stand-bys like dethatchers will give you the immediate satisfaction you desire.

IF......these products truly contain this living organisms I truly believe it is beneficial for our lawns in the long run.
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