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Originally Posted by Pressedun View Post
Thanks Scott!

Oh it's moving but barely... after this mulch job that I'm working on I really only have one "large" job left. After that it's just some small weeding jobs and a few odds and ends. Haven't actually booked any new work in almost 2 weeks now so August is looking pretty bad at this point.

Looks like I'll be doing a lot of shop/truck work in the next month or so!
I feel your pain! I have been taking a few days off at a time then doing one or two small jobs but its nothing compared to mulching every day like I was. I am ready for the grass to start growing again so I can be back at full capacity. I did just possibly pick up another dunkin donuts in our area so that's a plus but its still an every other week mow. I love doing this work but slow times do sure suck!
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