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Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
I feel your pain! I have been taking a few days off at a time then doing one or two small jobs but its nothing compared to mulching every day like I was. I am ready for the grass to start growing again so I can be back at full capacity. I did just possibly pick up another dunkin donuts in our area so that's a plus but its still an every other week mow. I love doing this work but slow times do sure suck!
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I hear ya man, going to be a while before we're mowing every week but try to enjoy the time off! I'm going to push some things on some customers to see if they want any work done, some might actually go for it which is nice.

Good luck on the Dunkin' Donuts man... didn't realize you were doing one of them already. How is doing work for those big corporations?

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