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I can not tell you from experience how well the customer login works, but I can tell you that my customers showed no interest what so ever in being able to do this. The only benefit for me would be if they could pay their bills online, but I havn't found a cost effective way yet. As far as new sales from my website, I got 2 residential this year off of my website that signed up and 2 that didn't accept my bid. The thing is, these were people that got my direct mail and went to the website instead of calling on the phone, I have gotten 0 that I know for sure would not have contacted me if not for the website. Of course there are immeasurable positives for instance, a customer gets my direct mail and the presence on the web gives the customer the confidence in my company to request a bid. Put another way the website gives the appearance of a professional company.

I get approx. 50 visitors a week, nearly all from lawnsite.
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