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If this is a competition demo, why wouldn't the XT5 be set for max depth? That just doen't make sense. Who wants to pull shallow plugs? What was the LS set at?

As far as speed, I cannot set my LS at max speed and keep up with it very well walking, so the speed comparison also doesn't make sense. Just sayin'.

Concerning number of plugs; it is my understanding that the 24" Turfco has the same number of tines as the 21" LS, so how more plugs? Am I wrong on this tine count? If anyone knows of this fact, please state the number of tines on the XT5.

As far as ease of use. For anyone who has ever used the old standard style aerators out there, you know how cumbersome they are to operate. The new hydros are night and day! That is not an overstatement. I would take any hydro machine out there vs operating another "old style" machine. To raise and drop tines on my LS takes some effort. A hard push down or hard pull up on a single handle. The thing is, with the hydro machines you only have to do this once on a property unless crossing concrete or something you don't want to roll the tines over. My point is, the effort required to raise/lower tines is almost a non issue anymore so this part of the comparison is almost silly.

I am not endorsing any machine. I am only stating the facts on what I know from what I have operated.

Lastly, what does it matter now? You can't get a LS machine now anyway so go order your new Turfco. The season is almost upon us!
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