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easier to lift + more

Yes, it's much easier than the LS 21". We've never seen the smaller TURFCO hydro aerator, but their new 24" XT5 hydro was so easy to lift/drop the tines that I could hardly believe it (almost effortless).

The 24" XT5 was the quietest of all 3, but the LS unit was a close 2nd. The Plugr was very noisy >> it sounded like he was hitting rocks, yet he wasn't. I thought that was kinda weird??

The 24" XT5 turned "way easier" than the LS & Plugr -- turfcobob was so busy that I was not able to get all the details on how their new aerator is different from their 21" unit, but one thing was the outer tines are free-wheeling so it makes it much easier to turn. Folks that have viewed the 2 videos will notice this, cuz I made tight turns with the tines down while not tearing up turf.

Regarding the Plugr....specs say it's a 30 inch effective width, but the rep told me it's only 27 1/2 inches. I also thought the XT5 had about the same effective pattern.. Looking at brochures is one thing, but a side by side comparison is a whole lot better.....especially regarding a buying decision.

Bottom line: If I were buying an aerator, it would be the 24" XT5. Or else the caster wheel Toro/Lawn Solutions aerator (but I don't know the performance, future availability, or what's gunna happen cuz of their patent violations).

my 2 cents, and the 2 cents of many who attended the 2011 Iowa Turf Show

Maybe somebody smarter than me can download the 2 videos on youtube.

Originally Posted by CHARLES CUE View Post
So larry you say it's essayer to lower the tines on XT5 than the LS aerator.

I demoed both at GIE last year and they were both real hard to lower the tines. That was a real disappointment but maybe Turfco made a change ?

Both machines were about the same in ease to turn But the XT5 i demoed was noisey. Maybe there were changes made here to.

try youtube and you can be famous

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