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Hi buddy - I just sent you the two ISU aerator videos. (If you did not receive them, please let me know)

Don't know about % of physical effort. But the XT5 is about the same as using a self-propelled lawn mower. If I were using the XT5, I would make make a perimeter pass & then go in "circles" to eliminate "making passes" (even though you easily could).

Not sure if the 2 weights come with the 24" XT5, cuz we used TURFCO's "payment plan". The XT5 has only 2 weights compared to the 4 weights that Lawn Solution requires to pull decent plugs.

We had two LS aerators, but their plug depth sucked. So we sold one & kept one. Our LS units came with only one weight, and they only pulled one-inch plugs at best. Then we e-mailed & called several times trying to order extra response (we were desprate) After weeks of trying, we finally were able to get some guy on the phone. He said we needed 2 more weights on top, and another weight in the front. I thought -- okay, that's cool. But after MONTHS went by with no aerator weights, I posted on lawnsite. Soon after that, David replied via saying my "credibility" was sh$t. Meanwhile, we were still waiting for our weights. Bottom line: It took damn near a half a year to get our LS weights. Then to top it off, Lawn Solutions shipped each of the 3 extra weights "separately". This was a total ripoff cuz we were charged UPS shipping for each individual weight.

Folks probably think the Lawn Solutions units & the TURFCO units look alike. I agree, but there are several significant differences regarding design.

here's my little 2 cents >> At first I thought it was "low rent" for a company to copy the exact "color" of competitor's equipment. But when they went so far as to copy technology (U.S patents), that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I hope they become accountable. Kinda like Dupont & Imprellis.

Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Larry - hope you had a good time at the field trials. I could not make it down....being solo still too much to do to take a total day off.
Thanks for the update on the XT5.....I am going to make my call to order soon.
Here is what I want to know: how much is physical effort reduced %wise over using a std unit like a Ryan? 50% less effort? More/less?
Also, does the XT5 come with the weights when you buy one?

Also, feel free to shoot those vids to my e-mail address - you have it.

Proud subscriber of TURF Magazine. (thanks Ron)
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