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I dont like leaf removal, but never the less its a part of my business, not a huge part relative to the lawn maint, but still a pretty decent part and its all we do once lawn season is over. Everyone will have a different pricing structure, it all depends on your costs as well as what the market will be willing to pay for the service. We charge by the man hour, and its around $35 per man hour. Usually have three workers on the job so a little over $100 an hour is what we bill. I really would (and need to) bill more than this to make a profit closer to what we bring in during lawn season, but this rate is about the top end of what the market is willing to pay in my area. Figure out your costs per man hour (its not just labor its all of your expenses from insurance, gas, equipment maint, supplies, taxes, etc and divide out into your hours worked in a given year) and then add in what you need to make profit wise and you should have your figure. Just remember that your costs are going to be different from mine and anyone else on this site.
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