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The Ethical Lawn Turd???

So here is a question for you guys. I have a feeling the responses will vary so I wanted to see what you guys would do in this circumstance.

You go to give a sod estimate. After visiting with the HO it starts raining before you get everything measured. You do not know it at the time but your measuring wheel sticks and at times instead of getting a measurement of say 15 foot, you get 30 foot because despite hitting the reset button it did not reset. You again did not catch this.

You total your figures and figure you will need 7 pallets of sod to complete the job. You charge $350 per pallet. You inform the HO, he/she accept your bid at $2450.

You go back to paint out the areas to be removed for the sod crew. While looking at it in the daylight you notice it does not look like 7 pallets of work so you go to the truck and break out the wheel again. You will only need 5 pallets of sod including waste and cut outs. The homeowner has already given you a check for 50% of the cost of the bid.

So here is the deal. You can tell the home owner and tell them that their project is going to cost a lot less. You are the hero. They are not regular clients of yours but you will most likely get good word of mouth from them for your good deed, but nothing is guaranteed. If you were short they most likely would of refused to pay for extra sod right! If you tell them that is $750 pure profit out the door on top of the $865 you would make off the other 5 pallets.

Or do you say nothing. You bid the job at $2450 and they accepted. You walk with $1615 profit - they are happy as the lawn is replaced and looks good.

What do you do and Why?
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