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So here is how it is going down. I knew what I was going to do as Keith suggested in one of his post before I actually brought it up here after thinking about it long and hard yesterday after discovering the error.

The HO is not home this weekend so I could not notify him in person of the error. This will be done Monday morning.

This is what I know. I know that I am going still make a nice profit from the job. I know that HO will most likely not have any doubt about using me to finish the job in the back when he can afford to do so. I know he is very likely to refer me to others he knows and if it lands me another job it will have been worth it. If he does so my long term profit will be more than triple of what I will make this time. Rob added the possibility of getting him to use my company for maint with a credit...and that will most likely be brought up to to see if I can not get my foot in that particular neighborhood.

This really is a gray area if you would choose it to be so. The only issue I have with it is that I did in fact give the HO the number of pallets which as Keith mentioned in his post. If I had just given the out the door price and nothing else - I would be keeping the cash most likely. However I always give the total number of pallets so the customer if comparing can see apples to apples what they are getting. I have had on more than one occasion given a estimate to have a HO ask me why I was X amount over my competitor in the number of pallets, to which I reply because that is what I feel it is going to take to ensure that we have enough sod to not leave large seams like others might. If we come across horrible pieces we are not forced to use it. Overall I overestimate to ensure a quality install. In these cases I generally get the job so it does work in my favor at times to include the number of pallets.

I just wanted to see what the rest of your lawn turds would do!
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