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Originally Posted by Michael Geist Yard Works View Post
You say you are a bottom line kinda of guy.....does that mean you are only concerned with your bottom line?

Is it dishonest to keep this potential extra income because the HO accepted it? Or is it acceptable because I gave a price for the project and they accepted? If you give a price for a project to the customer and it ends up costing you less do you refund them money or do you just consider your profit margins to have increased.
Mike your like my wife twisting this onto me. Its not going to work hear. I can't answer your deflective questions because their is no context to them. I am not hear to make you feel better about yourself I would try but you are defensive in nature. You asked a question on a open forum and I answered. You are clearly wrestling with this issue and given the strong defensive nature of all your responses it is clear you have already chosen a path. Why do you feel a need to defend your business decisions. you should be beyond this.
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