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Originally Posted by PROCUT1 View Post
So your selling point is for the customer to compare your bid to others and see that you are proposing to use more sod and therefore justify your price being higher. You then use less sod like your competitor was going to do all along and instead just charge the customer for the extra material that you never used in the first place.

Do I have it right?
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Incorrect. You do not understand it correctly. At times I have been asked why my estimate would be one or two pallets more dependent on the size of the job. It is because I truly feel the need for the extra sod. I figure on any given pallet their is easily 10% waste between cut outs needed and just general off color or bad pieces. Get a bad pallet and that number turns into 15%. I make sure I have enough product that the guys can put down quality pieces and they know not to use the crap. This makes them more productive if you ask me anyways as they are not trying to make crap pieces like many others do.

So again to answer your question - I do not intentionally add extra to my estimate to raise the price, I add extra to ensure my guys have enough to complete the job with a quality product. If it works out we have extra...oh well....but it is better to have ensured that I could have extra than to have charged the customer for the bare min I thought I would need and then pieces their lawn together with little scrape pieces knowing that in the FL heat and sun they never stand a chance.
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