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Zone Struggles To Come Up, But Then....

I have a customer with a zone (7 rotors / 1 PGP and 6 RB 5004's) that struggles to come up (sometimes you have to pull up one or two rotors by hand to get the zone to come up) but once it is up; there is really good pressure. In Fact, it is hard to push one of the rotors down with your foot.

(1 HP pump/shallow well with no hose bib or pressure gauge. 2-gallon bladder tank and pressure switch.)

Since the zone has such good pressure after it is finally up, could this be a valve problem as opposed to a water volume / pressure problem?

All other zones with 7 rotors are OK. I moved this zone from 3 to 1 at the clock in hopes that the bladder tank would give it an initial boost but it did not seem to help.

The problem zone does have a lot of lateral pipe associated with it; probably about 300 feet.

Thanks for any feedback!

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