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Originally Posted by BINKY1902 View Post
No it's not really apples to apples. The IS1500 is full commercial and the other are high end homeowner-light duty commercial models. That's the difference in price. The Ferris IS500 would be better compared to those models. The 500 will be in the same price range as the others you mentioned.
Yeah the 1500z Ferris is just a smaller "usually" commercial mower, now they have 61" decks and upto 27 or 28hp engines though.

For 2.5 acres a week, the Ferris is500z would be fine, its 8mph speed isnt as quick as most full commercial 10+mph like the 1500z but 8mph is stilll moving.

You can get a 48 or 61" deck on both the 500z and 1500z now so you may as well get the bigger deck.

A 61" deck 500z is going to cost under $6k, a 1500z Ferris might run you closer to $7000, but not $7800. I know for a fact that $8500ish gets you into a 27/28 or 26hp liquid cooled kawasaki model engine 61" deck machine and has full independent suspension.
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